About Us

Our Story

Productra was founded in 2014. It originally started as a product think tank, creating, releasing, and testing its own digital products and ventures.

As years went by, it evolved into a product consultancy and a full digital services agency. In 2022, Productra launched a highly acclaimed UI/UX training and mentorship program that offers an industry-grade UI/UX design certificate for those who enroll and complete the program successfully.


Our Mission

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Founder’s Word

“I’ve been working in the tech domain for more than 15 years now. It hurts me when I see organizations waste their funds by mismanaging their product or by poorly executing it. The founders and managers usually have the passion or energy, but often lack the proper digital experience, knowledge, skills, and the right team. Here’s where we come in and fill these gaps. With our skills and our 15+ years of experience in the tech domain, our mission through Productra is to help businesses succeed. Hire us as your digital partners and let us guide you and you team step by step to success.”

Karim Muhtar,
Founder & Lead Consultant

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